Rhinovirus surface pattern
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Cold & Flu Remedies

Tips affecting the immune system by naturopathic doctors and evidence based sources.

Rhino-virus Seasonal Flu & Cold Remedies Doctor Doni Wilson provides natural tips, and techniques to strengthen the immune system.

Elderberry Fending of The Flu Prevention tips for infection by Allen Josephs, MD.

Foods That Inhibit Flu Virus Functional foods containing EGCG and sulforaphane decrease flu virus entry and replication in human cells.

Influenza plush toyImmune System Self Test Check your immune system health by doctor Linda Page.

Immune Relaxation Response Mind-body medicine overview. Comments by doctor McCraty.

Echinacea: Cold, Flu and Sinus Infection By Decker Weiss, ND.

Cough Medicine: Is honey better than over-the-counter cough medicine?

Compare Symptoms: Cold, flu, and sinus infection, stomach flu, and pneumonia.

D3 Topics: Evidence based research.

Vitamin D3 or Flu Vaccine? by Russell Blaylock, MD.