Why Lyme Spirochetes May Hate BotanoGenomics?

By Heartspring Staff

In a 2010 study conducted by the Biodesign Institute, at the Arizona State University, researchers worked to defined the regulation of gene expressions in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCExit Site), affected by immune stimulating plants. The study states:

"Hundreds of botanicals are used in complementary and alternative medicine for therapeutic use as antimicrobials and immune stimulators. While there exists many centuries of anecdotal evidence and few clinical studies on the activity and efficacy of these botanicals, limited scientific evidence exists on the ability of these botanicals to modulate the immune and inflammatory responses.

Using botanogenomics (or herbogenomics), this study provides novel insight into inflammatory genes which are induced in peripheral blood mononuclear cells following treatment with immunomodulatory botanical extracts. These results may suggest putative genes involved in the physiological responses thought to occur following administration of these botanical extracts. Using extracts from immuno-stimulatory herbs.

Astragalus membranaceusExit Site
Milk Vetch, Huang Qi

NCCAMExit Site

Sambucus ceruleaExit Site
Blue Elderberry

USU Forest ExtentionExit Site

Andrographis paniculataExit Site

©MakkalaExit Site

This data supports previous cytokine studies on these herbs as well as identifying additional genes which may be involved in immune cell activation and migration and various inflammatory responses, including wound recovery, angiogenesis, and blood pressure modulation. Additionally, we report the presence of lipopolysaccharide in medicinally prepared extracts of these herbs which is theorized to be a natural and active component of the immunostimulatory herbal extracts. The data presented provides a more extensive picture on how these herbs may be mediating their biological effects on the immune and inflammatory responses. PMID:20838436

More Plants Shown to Mediate Inflammation and immune response:

Conflicting Lyme Vaccination Research?

This study demonstrates a vaccination against Lyme disease.
This study suggest a Lyme vaccine not available.

Lyme Spirochetes - Quorum Sensing

Some evidence indicates that the spirochetes use quorum sensingExit Site as a mechanism to control protein expressions. Quorum sensing would provide a signaling pathway, allowing spirochetes to communicate back and forth, taking a poll, to see if the conditions are favorable for activity or dormancy.

This may be a reason for the sudden flare-up and disappearance of Lyme symptoms. And, it may be another reason why Lyme stays dormantExit Site while maintaining healthy lifestyle choices, limiting "oxidative stress."


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