Natural Skin Care

Don't Blame the Sun on Rising Melanoma Rates Melanoma rates are skyrocketing for indoor workers. Considering the conflicting roles of UV-A and UV-B rays, Dr. Rowen provides evidence showing how optimal sunlight exposure can be understood as a healthy activity.

The Challange of Age Spot Removal Dr. Wendy Wells looks at the evidence from published research.

Acne Remedies Skin Care The association between diet and acne has been controversial, however several studies over the past ten years have caused dermatologist to take a second look at the connection between diet and skincare.

Skin Cancer Research provides evidence on how specific herbal components found in Ashwaghanda, and Ginger, work to inhibit the growth of melanoma in varitiy of human skin cancer cell types.

Dry Skin Care Tips Dr. Diane Berson, a dermatologist at Iris Cantor Women's Health Center of New York-Presbyterian Hospital, provides tip on how to avoid the winter itch.

Antimicrobial Skin Care Prolonged exposure to a germ killer widely used in industry and in household and personal skin care products, stunts the growth of developing nerves in the brains of rats, according to new research.

The Truth About Skin Care Nutritional skin care tips by Dr. Marcus Laux.

The History of Sunscreen Skin Care Dr. Stephen Beck exlpains how an increased number of squamous cancers are induced in patients receiving ultraviolet-A light for psoriasis.

Safe and Natural Healing for Eczema Dr. Wells provides guidance for a healthy regimen to overcome eczema, including nutritional status evaluation, eliminating food intolerances and excess toxins in the environment, as well as, daily exercise.

Skin Cancer Symptoms Melanoma is the most serious type of cancer of the skin. Each year in the United States, more than 53,600 people learn they have melanoma.

Skin Cancer Resources

UV radiation map
Up-to-date UV Radiation Map Alerts.

The SHADE Foundation of America to educate youth about sun safety and prevent melanoma. To learn more aboutSHADE and its SunWise program for schools, visit

American Academy of Dermatology National Coalition for Sun Safety

Skin Cancer Foundation provides information about sun safety and skin cancer prevention.

Women's Dermatologic Society "Families Play Safe in the Sun" campaign.

Cancer Crusaders organization helps educate young adults.