The Benefits of Sleep

Advantages of non-medicated suggestions by for reducing insomnia, and relieving stress.

Getting A Good Night's Sleep Effective daytime behaviors by naturopaths Jason Barker, and Chris Meletis.

Sleep and Vitality 101 By Jacob Teitelbaum, MD.

Depression, Anxiety, and Sleep Disorders Naturopath Timothy Schwaiger explains how a simple salivary cortisol test can be a valuable tool for patients, and doctors alike.

Improving Memory and Learning with Sleep Brigham and Women's Hospital, Sleep and Neuroimaging Laboratory, and Harvard Medical School provide insights to getting better sleep.

L-Theanine for Relaxation and Stress Naturopath Marcus Laux describes various ways L-theanine promotes relaxation, increasing alpha brain waves in humans.

Sleep Apnea Resources and Organizations

Insomnia Resources

Botanical Herbs Affecting Sleep