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Areca golden palm in container
Areca Palm

Producing Daytime Oxygen


Areca Palm, Golden Palm, Chrysalidocarpus lutescens

4 plants, shoulder-high, per person

Breaths in CO2 and breaths out oxygen during the day.

In excessively dirty air conditions such as the city of Mumbai, the leaves are wiped once per day with a moist soft cloth, and once per week in cities with cleaner air.

Move the Areca Palm plants outdoors every three to four months to rejuvenate healthy growth.

Growing Areca Palms

This graceful, clump-growing palm reaches 20 to 30 feet in height with a spread of 8 to 10 feet. The gently arching, four to six-inch-wide, ringed, bamboo-like, green, multiple trunks are topped with curved, feathery, yellow-green fronds. Known under a variety of names, this beautiful soft palm is quite valued throughout the tropics and is widely planted in frost free areas. The small, white, inconspicuous flowers are produced all year long on three-foot stalks among the leaves, and the small, oblong, black fruits ripen all year.

Grown in full sun where it makes an excellent specimen or screen (on four-foot-centers) to the rather dense shade of patios, porches or as house plants, Yellow Butterfly Palm prefers fertile, well-drained, acid soil. Small palms benefit from some shade until they are several feet tall and palms should be watered during periods of drought. They require regular fertilizer applications to maintain a good appearance. Young palms in full sun and those in high pH soils develop yellow leaves. Older leaves on plants of any age become chlorotic, frequently from a deficiency of potassium. Affected leaves are often speckled with bronze or yellow. Yellow Butterfly Palm is moderately salt-tolerant.

General Information:


Height: 20 to 30 feet
Spread: 8 to 10 feet
Crown density: open
Growth rate: fast


Leaf arrangement: spiral (Fig. 3)
Leaf type: odd-pinnately compound
Leaf margin: entire
Leaf shape: linear
Leaf venation: parallel
Leaf type and persistence: evergreen
Leaf blade length: 12 to 18 inches, 18 to 36 inches
Leaf color: green Fall color: no color change
Fall characteristic: not showy


Flower color: white/cream/gray
Flower characteristics: not showy


Fruit shape: oval, round
Fruit length: .5 to 1 inch
Fruit covering: fleshy
Fruit color: black, brown, red
Fruit characteristics: does not attract wildlife; not showy; fruit/leaves not a litter problem

Growing range for Areca palm
Potential planting range.


Light requirement: full sun, partial sun or partial shade, shade tolerant
Soil tolerances: clay; sand; loam; slightly alkaline; acidic; well-drained; occasionally wet
Drought tolerance: moderate
Aerosol salt tolerance: moderate

Pests and Diseases

No diseases are of major concern.


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Can potentially produce hazardous levels of ozone inside the home.

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Updated: Dec 21 2013