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Health Care Artwork

StrawberryStrawberry Contains more antioxidants than most other fruits.

Happy brain faceThe Brain Game, balancing neurotransmitters for happiness.

Chocolate cocoa beans in seed pod.Cocoa Beans source of chocolate, researched as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and mood enhancer.

Brain cell neuron diagram.Neuron Brain Cell diagram with labeled call outs.

Egg laying hen chicken
Egg Laying Chicken
produces egg yolks to help improve eyesight.

Mortar and Pestle.Mortar and Pestle used to grind plants for the treatments.

Water filter diagramWater Filter diagram illustrating internal parts.

Heart & crossHeart & Cross artwork.

Green tea leaves and stems.Green Tea leaves, a significant source of EGCG. Researched as an anti cancer agent.

Ascorbic acid moleculeAscorbic Acid "vitamin C" molecule.

Coffee BeanCoffee Bean rich source of antioxidants.

Sun's smiling faceSun Rays cause skin damage, as well as, provide positive effects.

Turmeric flowerTurmeric flower. Roots contain curcumin, researched as a potential prevention for Alzheimer's disease.

Binocular Microscope.Microscope used for examining microbes.

Pumpkin piePumpkin Pie

ClustersWater Clusters diagram shows H2O dipole flipping coordinates.

SpinachSpinach with green leaves and stems, a significant source of magnesium.

Water dropWater Drop illustration for clean drinking water.

MycoMycorrhizae diagram of symbiotic plant and fungus relationship.

BroccoliBroccoli shown to inhibit influenza virus.

Milk Thistle FlowerMilk Thistle flower used for detoxing the liver.

Lemon WedgeLemon wedge significant source of vitamin C.

Chlorogenic acid.Chlorogenic Acid, found in dark roasted coffee, shown to affect prostate cancer.

Soy beans in a podSoy beans significant source of protein and phytoestrogens, affecting menopause.

Red HeartRed heart artwork for "Nutrients Every Heart Needs" article.

mandalaMandala circles artwork.

PlatePlate and spoon.

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Updated: Dec 18 2017