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Guidelines for Publishing Health Content


When doctors provide content oversight, they build trust and validation, thereby helping consumers make informed, effective, and safe decisions.

Call for Review:

Peer Review Guidelines:

  1. At least two, or more, doctors review the same article content, including at least one doctor who is a specialist in the topic undergoing review. Certified clinicians are also encouraged to review and approve.
  2. Every 12 months all published content is reviewed to meet quality oversight guidelines.

CheckmarkGetting Started:

Article reviews are a quick way to create your "authority" status on the web.

  1. If the article/stopic you're reviewing appears complete, then let us know. We'll add your contact info, and date reviewed.
  2. If adjustments are needed, then we can update, per your instructions.
  3. Email your approvals and adjustments to heartspring.net@gmail.com and take your reviewer source credit.Checkmark

Here's how your credit will appear on pages reviewed: Credit Source example.

Doctors can access page performance using .

Call for Article Submissions

Original content creation involves more effort, but has more rewards. Along with credit source listing, authors can access page performance.


For Submissions Include:

Content Development

Studies show that web readers typically read about 18% of any article to find the information they've requested. Web readers want to recognize, and understand health information. They want to make informed decisions, and act. Here's how our content development process works toward meeting these goals.


are assistants of board reviewed doctors that are medical editors, authors, and reviewers, providing oversight for Heartspring.net. This article is currently undergoing doctor reveiw.


Guidelines for assessing health information found on the web.

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Updated: Dec 21 2013