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Environmental Disease in US Children Costs $76.6 billion in 2008


In 2002 researchers documented the yearly cost of environmentally caused diseases of United States children to be $54.9 billion. Researchers publishing in the peer reviewed journal, Health Affiliate, May, 2011, point out the failure of federal policy to prevent the widespread assault of toxic chemicals on US citizens.

As a result, new research has been widened to specifically identify the costs of for the following health conditions impacted by environmental toxins:

This list of conditions, associated with toxic environmental injuries, resulted in health care costs totalling $76.6 billion during the year 2008.

For limiting exposure, and health care cost increases, researchers recommend:

Source: Health Affiliate (Millwood). 2011 May PMID:21543421

The March of Dimes organization describes how pregnant woman can inhale chemicals, ingest them in food or drink, or, in some cases, absorb them through the skin.

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and Pregnancy by the March of Dimes

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Updated: Dec 21 2013