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Honey’s Medicinal Properties

By NMD, and NMD.

Honey and beehive product’s medicinal properties are raising interest among otorhinolaryengologist(ear, nose, and throat) researchers.

Over the last 2 decades 36 bee product studies have been reviewed and presented as “safe, with only minor adverse reactions.” [1]

Honey can be an effective treatment in:

Bee Propolis may treat:

Royal Jelly can reduce:

Preventing Bacterial Infection

Honey has also been reported to decrease the risk of infection after eye surgery [2], and to be useful as an additional therapy for chronic sinusitis swelling of the nose, [3] and in chronic kidney disease catheter infections. Research gathered by Princess Alexandra Hospital, University of Sydney, and University of Queensland, Australia states:

"Honey has garnered much interest due to its broad-spectrum antibacterial properties based on extensive experimental data. Unlike conventional antibiotics, honey has an added advantage as it appears to avoid inducing antimicrobial resistance in bacteria." [4]


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Jason Jensen, NMD

Author Jason Jensen is a licensed naturopathic medical physician in the state of Arizona.

Wendy Wells

Author Wendy Wells NMD, accredited naturopath physician in Arizona. Call and schedule a 15 minute phone consultation, at no cost.

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Updated: Jan 1 2016