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Carbon/KDF water filter system

Installing a Counter Top Water Filter


Installation of most counter top filter systems are quick and easy, requiring no tools, with simple instructions. Systems usually ship completely assembled with the following:

Diverter Valve • Filter Housing/s • Filter Cartridge/s • Tubing • Drinking Faucet

Filter LocationYour water filter should be installed on the counter top, next to sink. Temperatures below freezing should be avoided.

Diverter Valve Installation

Unscrew the standard diffuser/aerator at the end of your kitchen faucet, replacing it with the diverter valve. Connect to a potable water supply line only.

Threaded adaptor rings are included in case you have a non-standard faucet size.

female adapter55/64
24x1mm male
22x1mm female
27 Thread

27 Thread

Unit Installation: Place housing on counter next to the sink, so the spout drains into the sink.

Water Filter Start Up

1. Prior to start-up, check all connections, be sure they are secure.

2. Turn on diverter valve and check for leaks. Turn off and correct leaks if leaks occur. Older faucets handles or levers may need washer replacements.

3. Close diverter valve and wait five minutes to see if leaks result.

Note: when the system is first turned on, water may intermittently "spurt" from the air gap opening on the side of air gap faucets. Also, harmless carbon dust particles will be flushed out at first use. This is common and will correct itself immediately.

Counter Top Water Filter Replacement

Your drinking water system contains a filter cartridge, which must be replaced periodically for proper operation. Most water filter cartridges have a 1000 gallon life span. Filter replacement may be amended according to source water conditions.

Pentek UDS-10EX1 Water Filter Cartridge Replacement Procedure

1. Close feed water.

2. Loosen and remove filter housings and discard cartridges.

3. Wash the inside of the housings using mild detergent and a soft cloth. Thoroughly rinse all soap before reassembly.

4. Check to see that the o-ring is sitting flat in the housing.

5. Replace filter cartridge/s:

6. Screw on housing covers, being careful not to over tighten. Purge air and new carbon dust. Check for leaks.

7. Start drinking more water !

Water filter manufactures have reported how a "button type" diverter valve, shown here, is less likely to fail in the long run, verses a "lever type" diverter valve.

More info Standard 9.75" filter cartridges make it easier to find local replacements at most home hardware stores.

Off the shelf filter media can target specific contamination concerns. Example shown:
1 M Filter pad
15% Activated alumina
15% KDF
70% GAC carbon

Estimated lifespan, 6-12 months, approximately 800 gallons when treating typical municipal water.


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counter top filter
Filter media configurations for portable counter top water filters.

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Updated: Dec 21 2013