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Carbon/KDF water filter system

What to Look For In A Counter Top Water Filter System


What makes a great water filter? Low cost. Wide protection. Local availability. Easily portable. Here are some suggestions to help achieve cleaner drinking water.

1 Micron (Absolute) Filter Pad removes:

  • Sediment
  • Activated Alumina removes:

    KDF Filter removes:

    Carbon Filter removes:

    Dual water filter system

    Dual Filter Housings

    For extended coverage a second housing can be added to increase the filter's life span to 1600 gallons when treating chlorinated municipal water. This can be configured for counter top use, or for an under the sink installation.

    Under-Sink Water Filter Systems

    Dual 10 inch filter housing Dual 10 inch filter housing

    The next option is to install these same filter housings under the sink. Since 10 inch filter housings are standard sized, it's base stand is interchangeable with a bracket for mounting the filter in a cabinet under or near the sink.

    Counter Top Water Filter Installation Features

    Parts needed for under-sink filter installation:


    1. Water faucet that fits a standard .75 inch sink opening, that might replace a sprayer hose, or soap dispenser.
    2. T-connector, or saddle valve, for tapping into the cold water line.
    3. Plumbing experience, or consider hiring a professional plumber.

    water diverter valve A "button type" diverter valve, shown here, is less likely to fail in the long run, verses a "lever type" diverter valve.


    carbon block filter

    Standard 9.75" filter cartridges make it easier to find local replacements at most home hardware stores.

    kdf filter

    "Off the shelf" filter media such as KDF can target specific contamination concerns. Example shown:

    Estimated lifespan, 6-12 months, approximately 800 gallons when treating typical chlorinated municipal water.


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    Hot water shower filter

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    Updated: Jan 14 2018