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A Conversation with Doctor John Apsley, Part 1

By MD.

In 2008 over 500 thousand people died from cancer in the United States. Some stats to show, cancer has surpassed heart disease as the #1 killer.

The C Word, Investigating safe, cost-effective alternatives

We have to take a step back and look at cancer in an entirely different way. Imagine a cell that has gone into a low energy state. That’s where all chronic disease happens; where inflammation happens. All inflammation underlies this low energy state. For example, people who are properly medicated with natural thyroid hormone...their body's inflammatory state goes way down. Another example:  Broda Barnes, MD. PhD., demonstrated of his 1500 patients tracked over 30 years, only 4 patients had any sort of heart disease whatsoever. That stat should have been well over 300 patients that should have had heart disease.

Thyroid reduces that inflammatory potential to an extreme. What we're talking about with thyroid hormone is its natural complex, not the synthetic drug. Natural thyroid hormone has the ability to bring this low energy state of cells up to their proper level. The problem is, George, that the diagnostics for testing for proper or normal thyroid function seemed to be really skewed.

A Simple Test for Cancer and Heart Disease

We refer back to the New England Journal of Medicine 1941 publication in which Broda Barnes published. At that time, [doctors] only had chambers they stuck people in to determine if their thyroid was working properly. In a nutshell, after 6 hours testers could tell [thyroid function] by how much carbon dioxide [one] breathed out and how much oxygen [one] pumped in, and what the patient's body temperature was, judging if your thyroid was normal or not. Well, he took that method and made a simple test of taking your temperature under your arm before you get out of bed in the morning. Barnes determined what the normal body temperature should be if your thyroid was functioning correctly. Lastly, normal blood work has a 1400% difference between its high normal and low normal [thyroid hormone] reading. Any statistician will tell you that that span of difference between high and low normals makes the test not as accurate, as when the test had a smaller range between those two. In the case of taking your underarm temperature, there’s only a 14% difference between the high and the low normal range. You can see that the under arm temperature test he invented is the most accurate and cheapest. It's extremely cheap and non-evasive. It will show up pre-conditions for both heart disease and cancer in most patients years and years before.

What should the temperature be if you're doing a test like that at home?

Under the arm, with a good digital thermometer that's accurate. The thermometer should be set and kept in place and reset 2 or 3 times before you read it. Most thermometers are a little sluggish. Your temperature should be 98.0 plus or minus .2.  This method is better than an oral temp because you can have a infection in the teeth and not know it.

If body temperature is way too low, what does that mean?

It means that inflammatory potentials can be raging in the body. It’s probably the #1 cause of obesity. The c reactor protein, which is high in heart disease, is there as well as in cancer. All of these chronic illnesses have an underlying common denominator which this master (thyroid) hormone plays probably the most important role.

If it's way to high, you have a fever and you know that, right?

Exactly. On top of this whole thing about inflammation is spot on. The ways in which that normal inflammatory reactions take place in the body, are extremely healthy, but there’s a break system to it. It’s not that you want to stop the inflammatory processes.  That can actually entice white blood cells to digest cancer cells or infection. You want to balance it. Thyroid hormone is one of the great things that helps that to happen.

How did you become interested and involved in cancer research?

My mother graduated #1 in her class from Columbia Presbyterian nursing school in 1945. She was a great nurse. In 1971, she came down with an acute event in her stomach that turned out to be an ovarian cyst loaded with cancer cells. It ruptured as she bent over and had just basically a few weeks to live.

Those cells must have just raced through her body.

You took the words right out of my mouth. Being a pretty smart lady, she decided to go the conventional [treatment] route which is fine, but have a plan B. We studied up about Laetrile which at that time was being seriously investigated by Sloan Kettering.

Laetrile from apricots, right?

Yeah, it come from a number of different seeds. We'll talk about raw food factors in a while, but in all cases these types of cancer preventions are found in those types of foods.

Why is mainstream medicine opposed to "alternative" and "natural remedies?"

Why does mainstream medicine, that doesn't have a reverse for cancer, hit you with the radiation, they pump you with chemotherapy?

In the late 1800's, scientists had an opportunity to go in one or two different directions when looking at the cell. They opted to go the wrong way.  So the entire medical curriculum was taught, whether you’re an osteopath, medical physician, chiropractor, naturopath. It's all been wrong. The colloidal state of gel state dynamics in cells, like jello, where you have little pieces of fruit sticking in it? Imagine the jello and you start shaking it just a little bit, those pieces of fruit can kind of bounce off of each other. We're going to get into that a little bit later. That's the essence of life and that only happens in a suspended state where surface areas create surface energy. It allows life to occur at normal body temperatures. In regular chemistry you gotta heat the darn thing up for a chemical reaction to take place at a usable level right? Well, cancer produces energy extremely inefficiently, because this colloid state or this gel state is really skewed. It’s really messed up. In normal cells this jello, with these little fruit particles floating around, they just bounce around like crazy at high speeds and they produce all the energy we need to stay healthy.

After your mother died you really picked up an intense study to try and pick up some natural preventions to cancer, didn't you?

Yes. The first book I picked up was by Edward Griffin entitled and I'm telling you, that is an education right there. That's a real eye opener about what's really going on with our cancer establishment.

Everybody possesses cancer cells. It's your resistance. It's your body’s ability to keep it at bay. That’s the difference between who gets it and who doesn't. We need to reveal what that system is because no one has ever explained that before.

Cell energy: An explanation

The med schools aren't being taught this, nor is oncology itself aware of this. We have 100,000 mutation that occur each and every single day in every single one of our cells just in the nuclear core of the cell, where the genes are. At the age of 25, if you're healthy, you repair each of those mistakes every day. Now, one hundred thousand times seventy five trillion human cells, that’s 75 with 17 zeros after it. That's a half a billion times more mistakes repaired than the national debt that we have.

An old body is working around the clock, isn't it?

Exactly, so what is that system? What is that system that operates at near quantum speeds that can repair, that as you stated, can go in and clean up the little cancer cell here and there when it does arrive?

It's like a virus software for a computer?

Exactly. It's that fast, too. So, this is what's not been studied in the halls of our cell physiology until a small group of extremely dedicated bio-physicists started picking up the study when they met He had a reverse for cancer, which was actually studied by the U.S. senate in 1947. I'll get into that in a little while. They took up the study because they had just invented, the most advanced form of MRI devices at the time, called the phonar. Dr. Damadian had invented this MRI. They had determined they couldn't visualize their cancer on the software imaging compared to normal cells. This is really interesting information. So they hired these bio-physicists and said look, we can see in detail the normal healthy tissue but when we run across cancer we can't see it, it's all blurry. These bio-physicists figured out that water was different inside the tumor compared to normal body water. So as a result, the idea of water being this gel state, being this high-gain energy state for cells, came to be known. It's still being under exposed today in cell physiology journals which is very unfortunate. That one bit of information, that water is differently shaped in a healthy cells, would transform the entire way we treat cancers, and also the way in which we can avoid bio-degenisis which is to use a drug for the proper disease and the proper amount, and yet it induces illness because that's not being done when we develop our drug and including chemotherapy. We're not seeing how or why or how to prevent those drugs causing harm to the normal human cell.

During an operation when someone who has cancer, the minute you open them up, oxygen hits these cancer cells and they’re gone fast?

Yes, exactly what my mom said. She was in charge of the operation theatre in Evanston, Illinois, and she was the top nurse there. When [surgeons] opened someone who was full of tumors, they just closed them up because they knew that the patient didn't have much longer to live. There's a lot of reasons why air exposure, specifically oxygen under the right conditions, can be extremely helpful and can even reverse cancer. That's part of an entire program we're talking about. Getting back to this one point, because were almost there. If we were able to identify what system in our body repairs that 7.5 quintillion mutations that occur each day, and we could treat with that [system], our own bodies would fix the cancer, wouldn’t they?

At the very end of the 1800's they had a choice to make in cell physiology. They could either go with the well-traversed, well-visited studies of salt chemistry, organic chemistry and even bio-chemistry. Or they could go with colloidal chemistry which was very difficult to understand because the movement of particles in the gel state takes place at such rapid speeds. It defies normal analysis especially back then.

Colloidal Chemistry?

Things suspended in solution rather than dissolved in solution. Let me give you an example. Let’s look at Einstein in 1904. He and a mathematician got together to prove that atoms existed. [Einstein] took some special type of ink that didn't dissolve in water, but suspended itself in water and you could see it under a microscope. These little tiny particles of ink in balls would form and they would start shaking. The smaller the ball was of ink, the faster the shaking occurred. Well, imagine you reduce that down to the size of an atom, the smallest unit. [The atom] is shaking just as much, producing just as much energy almost as a piece of matter. That’s called quanta. That’s what life is. That’s what is being missed in cell physiology today.

Are doctors looking at this?

Yes, fortunately there are. Max Gerson was the first. Gerson didn’t know that he was actually doing it to the extent that I'm explaining it now, but based upon his work after WWII, Congress got together and declared war against cancer. It was the first war against cancer. They brought [Gerson] in because he had some for terminal cancer patients. He had all their files, all their x-rays, all their surgery reports, all their past treatments.  5 of his best cases actually walked in to the senate chambers with him. When he finished his presentation, the Senate was ready to fully fund his method XXX so that probably today we wouldn’t have this problem with cancer. That night, 3 senators were approached by special interests and they refused to vote for him the next day. That one evening was, historic in terms, how we approach cancer today.

A payed lobbyist took over, right?

Right, but Gursten got somewhat reprieved in the late 70's when Gilbert Ling and Freeman Cope from the research facility that Dr. Damadian had put together picked up the baton and brought this fourth in the peer viewed medical literature, specifically in cell physiology. They have proven that the cell is a gel with this funny type of water, and they know exactly how that special type of water is made with the ingredients being present. That’s how these mistakes in our genes and in the cells of our body, the internal parts of the cell, as well as the outside part, repair themselves each and every single day. This happens with everyone. Our body is supposed to do it.

Blood test or body temperature, what's more revealing?

as we mentioned about the thyroid and under arm temperature test. Unfortunately, his work which had really started to take off until the mid 1950's and very successfully, was replaced when they wanted blood work to replace his underarm temp test. So, what they did was make the mistake of going through 20,000 college kids in the midwest that didn't have enough iodine in their diet to make their thyroids work. They just assumed that that group of college kids had healthy thyroids. Then they went in and analyzed different aspects of the blood and determined from that what the normals were. There's been lots of updates of the original research but still as I said there's this 1400% difference from these high and low normals compared to 14% difference between the underarm test, which means its extremely accurate. There's just too much of a gap to use blood work to assume that when someone comes in with frank symptoms of hypothyroidism that because their blood work says they don't have low thyroid, that you dismiss it out of hand. Now, Orion Truss at the University of Alabama was the first to recognize candidiasis, which is very strongly related to cancer. Truss taught clinical evaluations to the med students at the school. I've met him and had some conversations with him many years ago. He said when you’re discovering a new disease and you don’t know what it is, you can't diagnose it very readily with your patients. What you have to do is take a half hour, an hour, maybe even 2 hours interviewing your patient, getting ALL of their symptoms. Then when you have all that data, you do the blood work and find out that your blood work doesn't confirm what your clinical findings are? You're supposed to dismiss the blood work. You go with your clinical findings.

How do you know if your thyroid is hyper or hypo, up or down?

Let’s just go with low thyroid first, since it's the most common. We can talk about the other on another occasion, but it's so important that the low thyroid condition is discovered and treated properly. That will mean that the body temperature under the arm, before you get out of bed in the morning, is under 97.8, if its under 97.8, to that extent you have likely, very likely low thyroid.

Should you check it a couple times? Making sure you're holding it right?

That is correct. You don't want to strain your arm. You just want to put it across so that you're not turning on the muscles with isometric exercises, because that will heat them up. It needs to be basal. You need to be in bed for about 5 hours, then you just take a regular digital thermometer, stick it in there, cover your arm lightly over your body so its firmly in there, relax, turn it on, let it beep so it's done once. Click it off, then click it on again and then wait till it beeps the second time before you read it. Then if it's an accurate digital, it will tell you if you likely have low thyroid.

If body temperature shows low hypo thyroid, then what?

There is a huge problem with the correct treatment of thyroid [disorders]. First of all, if a physician takes the time to properly document your signs and symptoms in an interview, then he or she uses the temperature test. There is perfect justification for you to have thyroid medication prescribed. But, those are big if's. Most physicians are too busy to do all that. The physician will order blood work. The [thyroid] blood work will come back almost always in the normal ranges, which is a false negative.

Let's say the physician isn't extremely well trained and they prescribed synthetic thyroid hormone for you. It won't work for this purpose. It has to be natural. Without getting into details, synthetic thyroid is mostly T4, which is inactive in the body. The body has to convert it into T3 to work. Guess what converts it? It's the liver. The liver requires enough thyroid to convert the other inactive thyroid [hormone] to active thyroid [hormone]. So, if you're already low thyroid and you take t4, your liver can't convert it into the active form for you to use.

It's not going to work. You have to use natural desiccated thyroid. Right now there's alot of problems with supplies.

Dr Alexis Carrel - Immortal living tissue

was a fascinating man. Dr. Carrel was an anti-semitic, and wound up getting himself into big trouble by joining a Nazi group in France. He wound up horribly regretting it. He learned a big lesson about what Nazism is all about. Prior to that, however, this guy was fascinating. I hope to blow away a lot of people who think they know a little bit about Carrel. First of all, I have his entire library. I have studied this man for at least 20 years. He is my big hero.

There are things about Dr. Carrel that most people don't know what he accomplished. Most people have been told things that aren't true, while omitting important evidence. For Example, he was able to take animal tissue, put it into a petri dish, and keep it healthy for 32 years. It was a chicken heart and it was actually beating the whole time. Now, there was criticism that was completely bizarre. It said he couldn't possibly have done that. This [criticism] was unfortunately accepted as fact. I could just blow that information away. It was crazy that they did that. The point is that in 1912, [Carrel] discovered how to keep basically any type of animal tissue alive forever in its normal, healthy state. Now, going back to when he graduated from med school at the end of the 1800's, he was perhaps the brightest doctor France had ever produced. He was a Frenchman. He was on a train going to receive his appointment to be one of the heads of the French medical establishment. Sitting to him was young gal about 20, who had end stage terminal cancer. He didn't know it when he hopped onto that particular part of the train, but this entire group seated with him was on its way to Lourdes to get the holy water. This was the the gel water, right? Alright, so he was just going by and he realized this poor woman was crying out so he gave her some morphine to ease her pain. Then the train stopped and she was incapable to get the water by herself. He had just given her some morphine so she was out of it. Her friends got off the train, got the water and brought it back. Now Carrel didn't leave the train. He was sitting right there. As he watched, they doused her with the water from Lourdes. She didn't drink it. She couldn't drink it, she was passed out. She had an instantaneous recovery. Instantaneous. She was 100% well within a few brief moments.

Carrel was beside himself. He had examined her prior to giving her morphine. He had witnessed how near death she was. Now here she was, within a few brief moments, completely well. Now, I'm going to jump forward just a second. It turns out this gal keeps in touch with Carrel over his career, lived 2 years longer then Carrel. That's what we call a best case series proving that the treatment worked for that cancer.

Lourdes in France: The properties of water?


Doctor John Apsley

Author John Apsley has been involved with clinical research specializing in cellular regeneration and accelerated wound repair for the past 30 years. In 1995, he perfected a unique and novel rapid regenerative electrical acupuncture technique. Dr. Apsley has just completed a comprehensive, two year retrospective study of the (above) emerging field of medicine spanning the global, peer-reviewed medical literature.

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