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A Conversation with Docto John Apsley, Part 2

By MD,

Had it not been for this discovery about the water at Lourdes, we would not have any organ transplants today. Dr. Carrel witnessed with this woman with end stage cancer having a miraculous recovery within a matter of a few minutes occurred about 1902. He was on his way on that same train to receive his appointment to the head of the French National Institutes of Health. at that time I believe it was the but don't hold me to that. He arrived at that meeting, and he was so excited by what he had just seen, that he stopped his colleagues from proceeding with the ceremony until he could describe to them in detail what he had just witnessed. At the end of his review of what he had observed, they dismissed him from the country. They rode him out of town as if they were going to tar and feather him. At the time, this was impossible. Remember, the middle ages came out of a war, basically, between science and the church.

Did they have the capability to do an analysis of the Lourdes water?

No. Colloidal science really wasn't developed until the MRI's came along. We couldn't test these colloidal states because they moved too quickly. A lot of times they're in more of an energy state than they are in terms of matter, so until we were able to get the MRI and special other types of microscopes where it wouldn't interfere with the actual living state of the cell or the water, we couldn't see what was going on. Later on, X-ray de-fraction also came in to test what the structure of waters were.

Dr. Carrel left in a hurry. He grabbed all his stuff and fled to Quebec, since he could only speak French. He lived there long enough to get a handle on English, and then the Rockefeller Institute hired him somewhere around 1906. They had been trying to make cells, tissue cultures of cells live in a petri dish so they could begin work with how to sew blood vessels together, how to do organ transplants, so on and so forth. They were lucky to catch him since he had to flee France. He decided to accept the appointment and he worked with a guy by the name of Dr. Barrows and a few other top guys, who had repeatedly failed at being able to keep normal animal tissue alive for any kind of time period that they could conduct experiments in without decaying. They couldn't do it. So he worked with them and learned their techniques.

Finally, in 1912 according to my info, he recalled the Lourdes water. It was the only step that they hadn't tried. This is like Thomas Edison who did 10,000 experiments before he got the light bulb to work. They had done all that with cell cultures and failed. So, it was finally a group of things that related to this water that triggered this thought inquiry about where he could get the equivalent water.

He found a way to produce what was an extract of the embryonic fluids from the same animal source. When he extracted it and purified it, he didn't heat it. The heat was completely natural. It was un-denatured they call it. This fluid was able to bathe the chicken heart cells indefinitely as long as he changed it out every 48 hours. This is a single cell layer or just a small number of cells that were bunched together so that the oxygen from the air was easily able to penetrate into the cells. So, that was the third condition. The first condition was he had to get the water, which he got from the extract of the raw tissues.

Conditions for Cell Immortality

He did. He actually did, and another guy by the name of Dr. Crile picked it up in basically the same form except he added electricity. We have all these stories about Dr. Frankenstein, right? Well they were contemporaries, both giants in their mental power. But the point is, 3 of the conditions were discovered by Carrel at that moment. The actual water, in its gel state, the detoxification had to be re-done every 48 hours or the tissue would die, and it had to be thin enough where it could be exposed to regular ambient air that the oxygen could penetrate the cells effectively.

The third was neural organization, or electrical current. Crile had taken the work of Carrel to prove it was part of the 4 conditions for cell survival. What I put together as the 4 pillars, having researched these guys so long over 30 years.

Some, who are very spiritual, and will say that the water at Lourdes was because of the apparition of the Virgin Mary. I'm not going to negate that. All that's possible, but our point is the water was special. There is a way and wish that I can basically prove that there is a mechanism that transfers spiritual information or energy information or mind information or prayers of thoughts of positive words like love into information that the cell use. This reflects some of the research by Dr. Emoto and others.

In 1912 when Dr. Carrel added in what I put together as the 4 pillars, he didn't recognize it as the 4th, but he had all the ingredients together. He was then able to keep that chicken heart beating forever. It went until 1912 until 1934. It kept on growing without any of the fear of immunity. Germs landed on it and it didn't matter.

With these principles, it's an effective form of not only cell immortality but also immunity. So, in a nutshell that's why he went on from there to prove the techniques, the surgical techniques, to do organ transplants, through a series of evolutions, and he got the Nobel Prize on that. Then after he got his butt kicked for being a jerk with other human beings, the Jews, he won the Nobel Prize in peace because he finally got it together and realized his mistakes. So, that's where the first inquisition occurred that I'm aware for reversing cancer with all natural approaches that deal with colloidal chemistry.

Association-Induction Hypothesis - Dr. Gilbert Ling

Dr. Gilbert Ling, PhD, is the greatest cell physiologist and bio-physicist of our age. He's still alive. He's 88. I've spoken to him several times. He's just absolutely brilliant. In 1948, he lectured on this mistake that was made back in the late 1800's where they had to make a decision between looking at regular chemistry to explain the cell function versus Colloidal chemistry to explain the cell function. Because the entire science movement had gone into the former he had to basically create all the instrumentation, all the experimental designs, and then repeat it against known standards until after 40 years his discovery is now etched into scientific stone.

It's called the A. I. hypothesis. It's really an Association-Induction mechanism, because it's proven. It's been repeatedly challenged and it's always turned out to be the case he originally described back in the 70's. He's just updated it and he's also published a recent book, he has a website in his own name, it's If you believe in ET, this guy is that bright. It takes all the other cell physiologists a great deal of frustrating years to even try to catch up with the guy. But he's got hundreds of publications on experimental proofs, repeated procedures, and the revision process of being challenged and being counter-challenged all that has been accomplished over these past 40 years.

Dr Ling believes, though, that high energy within cells helps to reverse cancer?

Yes, in fact he's quantified it. In exact equations and exact units of energy and the whole works, and he was inspired by Max Gursen.

Italian doctor, Dr. Simoncini. He's using baking soda?

Yes. I've met him and I've spent a lot of time with him in this country. This is a really sad and also wonderful story. Dr. Simoncini was treating the Cardinals in Rome for their different illnesses. He happened to make a serendipitous discovery one day. He was working the pediatrics ward of the cancer hospital in Italy, Rome, and a lot of kids would have Thrush, which is Candida, in their mouth, and he started using baking soda. He would just swab it around in their throat and their mouth and tongue, and it just instantly kills the Candida. Baking soda forms a huge killer. To not only the 4 principles that we just discussed coming out of Alexis Carrel, but also to the re-priming of this repair mechanism that does this near quantum repair rate of the body.

He was getting great success with treating Thrush in children’s mouths. Now, he noticed that when the Thrush was really growing in the mouth it was white, and after doing a lot of operations and treating a lot of cancer he noticed that when the cancer was exposed to his eyes it looked the same whitish appearance. He just made that connection, it just looked like it was Candida to him. Candida albicans, which is the white form of yeast. Why don't I just see what happens with baking soda, it won't hurt them, and he was able to actually witness first hand that as he poured strong concentrates of baking soda directly onto a tumor as he was watching in the operation theater.

It instantly melted away the outer layers of the tumor. Just washed it away, you could see healthy red tissue underneath that. Now, tumors are eighty percent normal tissue. He washed away the surface layer so he could get down to that component, at least part of that tumor that was normal, healthy, red looking, pink looking cells. Then he discovered that by threading in to the artery that feeds that tumor, a high concentration of baking soda that it would melt the cancers instantly, especially if they were 2.5 centimeters or smaller, it would just instantly melt away.

Well, now, we have to take a step back now because it only works with solid tumors, it doesn't work with blood cancers; at least not his approach. I decided to stop everything else I was doing and dedicate my life to using baking soda the fulcrum, as the key re priming agent for this whole way of getting that repair mechanism, turning it on full blast again. I recognized the whole scheme of how this baking soda fits into the whole issue.

In a nutshell, what he was able to do was to take folks that hadn't been into any other form of cancer treatment, they were first admissions, and because he was a board certified oncologist, they went to him first. They had no other prior treatment. So, he didn't have the problem that exists with all these immune compromised patients because they've received huge doses of radiation or multiple courses of chemotherapy before they came to see him. At that time, under those conditions; even with the advanced cancers, as he could treat the tumors in that way, in that specific way, he had a 90% success rate with complete remission. Not a control, but complete remisson. He has patient after patient after patient record that had been around for 10, 12, 15 years that have been 100% well, treating a variety of multiple huge tumors in their body.

When we saw this, I was running a research foundation and it fit in with the work I was dealing with, Colloidal chemistry, colloidal metals, and medicine. I wanted to advance it and I started to get some doctors together, brought some doctors in, and I paid for them to attend the seminars. We wanted to do a 2- year certification program where we would do grand rounds with him, either in Italy or they would come over here, and we would just track patients through their complete initial treatment to their complete resolution of their disease. That was shut down and all sorts of hell broke loose.

First of all, the technique of threading a catheter into the artery of the tumor has to be done by specialists and that was immediately black balled. Secondly, things got much worse for him in Italy, which included several lawsuits and criminal suits that came against him, but he won all of them... and also his medical license was revoked.

Is this a repeating pattern for those reversing cancer with simple techniques?

This is exactly what happened to Alexis Carrel. But, we'll bring together the different physicians that can do this, and we hope to put a hospital together slightly offshore of the United States in a friendly nation.

Isn't it unfortunate that it can't be done here in the United Sates

Right now it can't be, but that doesn’t mean it couldn't be in the future. I have a major medical school who will back the research end, because after 5 years of continuous study of every single cancer patient treated, we will then be able to publish those results.

Many people are using natural supplements and natural herbs, and just natural items. Sodium-bicarbonate is natural. Yet, they are persecuted.

Yes, because people can't believe it can be that simple.

Colloidal chemistry, colloidal metals

Let me explain why sodium-bicarb, or baking soda, is the quintessential re-priming agent to this whole colloidal state. The colloid state, the structured water is structured because of metals that aren't dissolved in the water. It causes the water to arrange itself in a particular way because of the electrical positive negative charges. The internal components of the cells and the genes on their outside surface are mostly negatively charged. Not all, but mostly.

The positive metal, metals are always positive, the positive charge of the metals will attract to the protein in the cell, and as it gets to close with all the other metals attracting to it, they repel each other and there's this pulsation that occurs. That pulsation features this structured watering, or the structuring of the water that is the transmission of information, like prayers, good thoughts, good music, maybe God’s good vibrations.

Metals, structured water and functioning proteins

Those are the 3 components - metals that are suspended, structured water, and the special protein that comes from foods.

What happens is this gel state that has to be composed of metals, structured water and functioning proteins. It has an enemy. That enemy is that during normal metabolism huge amounts of hydrogen are produced. Hydrogens are positively charged just like the metals, so whenever there is a case that oxygen is low, that pulls the hydrogens normally out, but we have a backup. We have sodium bicarb.

We make lots of sodium bicarb, but it decreases every decade of our life after the age of 30. It decreases as much as 10-14% accrual each decade. So by the time we're in our 50's and 60's if we have normal pancreas function to begin with, which produces the bicarb, also the stomach. We are really low on bicarb. So the evidence of this is people that are deficient in hydrochloric acid.

Hydrochloric acid has been used as a cancer reverse and as a reverse to infectious agents back at the University of Alabama since the early 20's. But, that was when people were healthier. Their organ systems like their thyroid were working better. There was more minerals in the soil to keep it that way. We had more of these metals in our cells to make the cells work in high gain. So, these things like hydrochloric acid therapy, one agent type things worked really well back then. But they don't work so well right now.

The point is, you can't make hydrochloric acid in the stomach without making a ton of baking soda that goes into your bloodstream. So this adaptation, this evolution of how we put together our body, involved baking soda. In vast quantities, in 10, 20, 30 grains at a time per meal, to go on the inside of the body to bathe the body with minerals. To bathe the body with alkalinity, to pull the hydrogens out of the cell so that nutrients from the food, i.e. the metals, the minerals from the food could go back into the cells and cause the cells to repair and reproduce. One last little side thing here. If you take an enzyme or a protein that requires metals to make it work, it works a billion times slower at normal body temperature in the absence of that metal.

So you can't produce energy a billion times slower that you need to conduct normal immunity; or you need to take out these cancer cells that are growing. It's due to mineral deficiency. So, sodium bicarb comes in and it knows you spit off hydrogens all the time from the food you take in and in addition to oxygen, pulls these excess hydrogens out of the body, out of the cells.

That electrical charge is called the ion gradient. When that ion gradient moves in the direction that the hydrogen is going out of the cell, guess what happens with the metals that are floating around just digested from the meal? They rush into the cell. They restructure the water and they start this pulsation of the enzymes causing metabolism to work a billion times faster to produce high gain energy.

This is not being taught in our med schools, or anywhere. This is the problem.

There's some really good people in our government, and there's some really not so good people in our government. In the medical establishment there are some really, really great people in there, and there's some people that have vested interests. There's also a lot of problems with ego. So what I try to do, I love conventional medicine, I have no problems with conventional medicine whatsoever, but I document everything in it's proper place.

Let me give you an example: A really wonderful reporter that I like, her name is Griffin, on Fox news. She's just a great reporter. She just reports the news as it is. She's not a spin artist at all. She has advanced breast cancer. This poor girl, there's only one type of treatment for her, and that's standard chemotherapy. Well, I hate to say this but chemotherapy when used as a solo therapy is only 2.1% effective. That's documented. That's medical fact. The reason is, is because nobody is restoring the colloidal state of the cell that does all this repair. Chemotherapy doesn't do that.

Let me ask you this way. If you had a disease and you had a set of treatments from the outside, how could that possibly compete with a body's ability to repair itself with near quantum speeds? You couldn't. So the best thing to do is to put the body in a high gain state, so you're coming from high ground when you're using conventional chemotherapy, or radiation therapy, or any other type of natural cancer treatment. You go to the high ground first because it’s a strategic position of putting the cells back into a high energy state. Then you can defeat much better with cancer tools, anti-cancer agents. That's what we need to do.

Learning from the work of Dr. Simicini… it turns out that Candida Albicans produces an extremely noxious toxin that turns off the 3 main anti oncogenes, including the p53 - a very important gene that protects us from cancer, especially breast cancer. It's devastating to it, just tiny amounts completely turns it off in the system. Most people that have root canals and capped teeth often times unknowingly have what’s called cavatations or osteonecrosis which is a form of infection that's in the root canal or somewhere around the capped tooth. That's partly the reason why dentists will give you antibiotics before the procedure.But if the yeast is in there and it's producing this toxin, the lymph from the mouth goes directly to the breast tissue. Hence, we have so much breast cancer today, where breast and lung cancer, are the two highest incidents for women.

A bio-physicist by the name of Bob Jones, who brought Simoncini over to this country, provided proof to the FDA for the approval of his device, an ultrasonic diagnostic unit that called a Cavitat. It can show how devastating candida albicans can be, not just in the tumor itself but also at a distance. Baking soda brings the tissues to a high gain state and brings the metal into the tissue that it's bathing. It instantly appears to kill Candida in a certain concentration. There’s an inner cell immunity that not too many people understand that has to do with red-ox, oxygen reduction which is really how our white blood cells kill cancer. They throw a grenade of radical oxygen at it, and it breaks it apart. That's one way you kill cancer. It turns out that it needs metals like iron and copper to do that and if the white blood cell is full of hydrogens it has a deficiency of those, and it has what's called a low phagocytic index it just kind of sits there lethargic. Well, baking soda helps turn that whole thing around so those metals go into the cells everywhere, including the immune cells, and turns them into a high gain state. That then should bring us to where we need to be with understanding how baking soda is so essential.

Can you drink baking soda?

I want to tell readers right now that if they can figure out what it is I'm trying to put together in terms of a program, don't do it. You need medical supervision or need to be extremely well-educated about what it is you have to do because it will bring a bad name to the entire science that we're talking about. And, we don't want to hurt somebody, and we also don't want to prevent them from going off into receiving care from their cancer specialist either.

Let me give you a Montreal case. It's a fascinating case that answers your question. This gentleman allowed me to use his full case as long as we don't mention his name. I have his complete of records I can get through digital format. When he was 50, he came down with massive abdominal cancer. It was carcinoma. The cancer went all over the organs of his lower stomach area. He had standard treatments at the local Canadian hospitals and everything that could be done for him was done. After a series of years we told him we've given everything we can do for you, it's time for you to go home and die. So this guy was pretty spunky, as most Canadians are that I've met. He went home and decided that he was going to put together his own protocol having known nothing about Simoncini. He just put some things together in his head very simple, things he could afford. The first thing he did was to buy a juicer and decided that for 30 days he was going to drink nothing but fresh juices. Then the second component to this involved in a very unique way, a very special way; in which I'm not going to describe, because it has to be done under close supervision with using baking soda...and after 30 days his cancer was completely gone. He's alive over 10 years later, and he feels great. He just has some osteoarthritis.

What was the Steve McQueen cancer story?

This is a interesting story too, but remember had his license taken away, Gilbert Ling has never been recognized for his work, Max Gersen had to leave the country, Curell had to leave France. We've had all this stuff right? Well, Steve McQueen had mesothelioma, which is usually from asbestos. It's completely incurable. So anything he could do that could reverse him is absolute proof that whatever it is that he did worked. You don't have to do double blind studies and all that. It's called a best case series, absolutely accepted now by NIH and National Cancer Institute. They don't like it and they don't use it. But it has to be accepted as absolute science that somewhere, something caused a reverse there, because nothing else will work. They know nothing else will work to reverse Mesothelioma. Well, he wound up with and then from there he got much much better but he was down to weighing ninety pounds.

He went down to Mexico and was treated in the American Biologic Hospital in Tijuana under Dr. Canow. Dr. Canow was one of five students who had received training in basically the stem cell therapy of the last century. It was done with raw glandular extracts that emulated what Alexis Curell had found and kept tissues alive forever in a healthy state. They had perfected this under Paul Niehans in Germany back in 1929. Science keeps going back around. They knew it. I talked with Dr. Canow on the phone that Steve McQueen came to see him and he was at eighty-nine pounds, ninety pounds. He started giving him the injections of the glandular extracts, the raw glandular extracts from either shark material or either sheep fetuses that the body won't reject and his immune system was coming back, his weight was gaining. Dr. Kelly had really helped him tremendously. But Canow took it the final distance. Steve McQueen was feeling great. He was up to 125 pounds. He had just married fairly recently because he was a very vain guy … a world class actor. Well, he didn't have a change of clothes and he didn't live too far away in California. So he asked Canow if he could hop in his car with his wife and drive home so he could get a change of clothes and he would come right back. Canow didn't want him to go and said 'look I understand if you have to get some clothes but come right back.' So, at this time Kelly's program was high profile because Steve McQueen the greatest actor of that genre was going to see him. So the whole world of the vested interests of the cancer establishment, the people who aren't good, they were aware that oh my gosh, what should happen if Steve McQueen got well with William Donald Kelly’s protocol or American Biologics protocol?

Mesothelioma tumors, in some cases instead of dissolving it inside the body, it will sometimes allow them to be pushed out of the body, and by the time that happens the tumors are mostly dead. So it was a cosmetic issue for McQueen. The tumors were just exiting his lungs through his back. It takes a while for that to happen. They wouldn't be there forever and they would eventually fall off. McQueen was a vain type of guy and didn't want them on his back and if they were dead he said why not just cut them off. Dr. Canow said you're not strong enough for that, I discourage you from doing it. They won't hurt you just let them fall of natural. One of the nurses that was working there was a man, he also works at a local surgeons clinic. The man pulled Steve McQueen aside and said 'I work for a surgeon. He's right down the street. It's a simple procedure. I'm sure he'd be happy to take these dead tumors off your back if you want. Well, Steve McQueen agreed against his doctor's medical advice. He went, hopped on the table, he dies on wile undergoing surgery, and the report on the world wide news was, "alternative medicine kills Steve Mcqueen."

Has it caused any problems for you?

I got smart early on when I started watching all my colleagues get in deep dodo. I took another route and stayed out of trouble. Often times I wind up helping colleagues get themselves in trouble with their medical boards.

Dr. Max Gersen, had bad migraine headaches, but he found relief with a special diet that he put together, involving lots of raw food and juicing, especially carrots. It involved liver, even cooked potatoes were allowed, mostly a lot of fresh vegetables and fresh fruits.

During that time the plague of the day was tuberculosis and nobody had a reverse for that. So, he decided he'd try his miraculous diet therapy on TB. In 1921 he and a very famous professor at the major university in Germany published a study that showed for skin tuberculosis which can be terminal, often times is, if it's very advanced. They had a 99% reverse which is huge. So it went worldwide and as time went on they went on treating lung tuberculosis with great success, not as high a success rate, but very high.

Then because he was Jewish he fled Germany, wisely ahead of time, came to the US and people here started asking him not only to treat their tuberculosis but also other incurable diseases including cancer. Since that time when he first started treating cancer, when they had access to foods that were grown in heavily mineralized soil, his success rate had been consistently no less then 30% from everything I've seen with advanced terminal cancers. These are people in many cases that had already gone through all the conventional options and had failed, but many times they were just very advanced cancer patients that went to him first. His program consists of thorough detoxification, thyroid medication, concentrated raw vegetables and liver juices, plus raw vegetable diet therapy. Lots of enzymes and remineralization which stresses oxygenation which is iodine, vitamin C, niacin, aspirin which we know helps the circulation, then there is potassium, a no salt diet and it emphasizes tweaking fevers which activates the immune system to do the final digestion of the tumors.

So his caveat that he had to his program he talked about a lot, but was missing in his protocol was how to do it related to the energy component or he called the the autonomic nervous system. The transmission of signals, the proper signals of information that has to deal with the structured water. One thing I failed to mention I'm going to give you a big secret about the Lourdes of water event this woman because it relates to this transmission of energy through not only our nervous systems but our blood vessels themselves.

Not too many years ago there was an investigator researcher in acupuncture who was brilliant and he proved that what the meridians are of the body, are actually invisible wires that are constructed of water. He was able to show with lots of different techniques that was available to him back in the 70's and 80's that the meridian systems were not able to be found like a nerve could be or a blood vessel because it was really part of the tissue that was in between the tissues that allowed this current of water to go all over the body.

Water remembers information, structured water holds perfect information about how cells function properly. This is the key to homeopathic medicine. That's the difference between structured water and healthy cells versus chaotic water or what they call bulk water in tumors. The information doesn't get properly conducted through the tumor itself, it's in chaos. Well Gersen was really into the autonomic nervous system and fixing that, but he didn't understand about this water aspect but he did get his patients the structured water by way of the juicing. Well this researcher in acupuncture was humiliated by refuting scientists who didn't know what the heck they were doing and the poor guy actually wound up taking his own life, he was from Asia and they lose their faith and they kill themselves.

Well, back in the 90's two acupuncture researchers, really well credentialed, picked up his research and went 'oh my God' he was right. The currents of water were able to be discerned finally by taking people who had just died, who had signed a waiver and they injected radioactive water into the points were they were supposed to be the entry points for this water vessel, or the meridian vessel. Sure enough, this radioactive tracer went right up the exact meridian and from there they were able to finally grab a hold of what the meridians are really about and find out it was composed of structured water. So when that woman who was dying, a young woman full of minerals; full of everything else that she needed probably raised on a farm that had lots of minerals in the soil, who was just about ready to die from poor communication between cells; which is one of the essential features of cancer, it just grows right into all the cells around it. When she was doused with that water.

That must have gone right into her from the skin right?

Exactly, right into the meridians which was on top of the skin and that goes everywhere else in the body and she had an instantaneous recovery. We can get into other people that have done the same type of work with energy, organizing not only the water, but the metals. For example, Bjorn Nordenstrom, he was the radiologist that figured out how to do needle-biopsy under radiograph. He was so well regarded that they didn't even bother to give him a Nobel Prize, instead they made him the chairman of the Noble Prize committee. They just gave him it. He proved outside of the normal venues of science but perfectly in touch with the scientific method how electrical currents when properly applied to tumors will dissolve them instantly. It's part of this metals organizing water and dissolving and ramping up the immune system, cleaning out the fungus and other infections that are there and bringing back the cells to high gain.

Max Gersen didn't really understand how to really tweak that energy component. I'm using his autonomic nervous system emphasis to bring us into the next guy who is William Donald Kelly who I mentioned who had treated Steve McQueen first. Alright, well William Donald Kelly had pancreatic cancer himself and he treated himself. What he discovered was the only thing that Gersen hadn't quite elaborated on, which was how to do a metabolic typing profile to determine if your autonomic nervous system was too high in one way and too low in another. The autonomic nervous system has a brake and an accelerator. The flight or fight or when you get really excited that's the sympathetic and when you digest your food and sleep that's the parasympathetic system. When the body does the reverse of what it should do it causes all sorts of not only neurological problems like depression and lack of sleep. Also since we do almost all of our cellular repair when we do sleep in REM, it can screw up our ability to maintain our high gain state or to defeat off an infection or whatever.

Dr. Kelly figured out what that was and that's the only thing he added to it but it was a huge thing. He tweaked it also with more enzymes that Gersen was using and while he was being investigated for treating cancer as a dentist in state after state after state, Dr. Kelly would flee and he would reverse cancer as he went. A physician from Cornell University named Nick Gonzales who has a active practice in Manhattan today was graduating from Cornell and he wanted to go and investigate this quack named Dr. Kelly, Gonzales was open minded and said maybe he's not a quack. So he called up Kelly and he said look can I come and see your records?Kelly said you can see anything you want, I just ask for a fair evaluation for what I'm doing. Nick Gonzales went to Dr.Robert Good, the premiere immunologist in our country at that time, he was the first immunologist to ever head a major cancer research facility at Slone Kettering. Dr. Robert Good said, "If you're doing to go down and investigate Dr. Kelly, he's a dentist. This is a real risky thing you're doing with your career, but we know that mesothelioma and pancreatic cancer right now are 100% incurable."

Patrick Swayze, Michael Landon, a whole list of people had a similar battle against cancer. Gonzales said look we can create best case series here, this is way before the NCI accepted it in '92. They said look we know that we can't touch it so if you can go and specifically go to his mesothelioma patients or his pancreatic cancer patients Just do one or the other, if he has enough cases. If he's able to reverse any of those, or if those patients are living after five years with no signs of disease then you've proven by process of elimination to scientific certainty that he has a reverse for cancer.

So he said, 'OK good, I'm going to pick pancreatic cancer' so Gonzalez went down and went through his records and found twenty-five absolute clear cut cases, well documented of pancreatic cancer. He started calling everyone, the first eleven people that he called had all died. So he was real disappointed and about ready to quit, but he decided to call the twelfth person. The next entire number of people that he called were all alive and thriving. He just picked a file to call and the first eleven were all dead. When he called the rest and they were all living he said to himself, 'What the heck happened?' He went back and verified that all eleven of the ones that died hadn't followed through on Kelly's program. They didn't do it. The others had all religiously adhered to Dr. Kelly's protocol. One of them was well over eleven years past the initial diagnosis. Absolute proof that Kelly's program worked.

First and foremost, stay with your doctor right?

Yes, first stay with your doctor and I suggest they get the book Hypothyroidism Type 2 and they use that starting as the most important book they can buy. Thyroid is essential for people with cancer, and not just missing it. You can't miss being prescribed properly, you have to get the proper prescription and it has to get your body temperature up to normal.

Do you believe that everyone that has cancer has a thyroid issue?

I would say that I have never seen a case that did not have low thyroid function, when it's appraised according to the Barnes protocol. So that's number one. The second thing is detoxification, I recommend for everyone to get ten colonics from a licensed colonic hygienist. Then the second thing I recommend everyone does is to get a juicer. Just start juicing organic vegetables and fruit.

Or you can buy it too right?

Yes you can, but you have to buy it in it's raw state. Some juices, used to be all raw but then they had some problems. You have to have them in their raw state and they have to be grown, not just organic, but they have to be grown on soil thats laced with rock dust. It makes a huge difference. it's only place you can get these colloidal metals.

Anything you cook will destroy the colloid state but if the metals aren't in the foods to begin with then you're in trouble. I've done exhaustive studies on the mineral content of both conventionally grown foods and organic foods and there's not a lot of difference. There is some difference but not a lot of difference. When you add rock dust to the soil which is a flowery like almost dust form of minerals then you get a whole different fruit. I'll go into this example, it's a really great story I'll tell it really quickly.

When I was not feeling so well myself many years ago in the 70's I traveled to the Findhorn community in Scotland. Finhorn had amazing gardens that grew flowers year round even in the middle of a snowstorm without any problem. Well I was out during the 3 week tour that they do and I was out actually harvesting some of the foods they grew on their property. It was the special techniques they used. And I was around tomatoes so I grabbed one and I was really hungry and I ate it and I swear I had a religious experience, I had no idea, I was like what just happened? It was like something turned on not only in my nervous system but in my mouth that I had never experienced life to be like.

So how do you know though if you're buying foods that were grown on that kind of rock dust?

It's better if you grow them yourself. If people needed to, they could find a way, it doesn't take but a few weeks during a warm time of year to do it. Or you could go join CSA, community sustained agriculture and ask them to put rock dust on the soil which they normally do, and for twenty-five bucks a month they give you all the fruits and vegetables that you need. So CSA is nationwide and just ask to use rock dust while doing their organic techniques and you've got a ready supply.

There's other ways you can do it with sprouts at home and that type of thing but, that's key. That's the magic of Finhorn. To contrast the difference between that tomato and another I then loaded my tomatoes onto the truck for it to be delivered to their kitchens; on the way, I turned out of the truck and I grabbed another tomato from what I thought was from the property and I ate it and I couldn't taste it. I made this really weird expression on my face like what the heck is this and the driver who was walking out helping to bring things onboard saw my face and he goes yeah, it's really amazing the difference isn't it? He had seen it so many times before, and I said, what do you mean? He says you just ate one of our tomatoes and that tomato that I picked up an hour down the road from an organic farm and you know the difference now don't you? I said you just changed my life I'm going to figure out what this is all about. Remember, my mom just had this cancer experience and I said this is it, somehow this is the magic of how people stay well. Well, that whole thing has to do with rock dust. And by the way not only does this control the mechanism of recovery in our body as these near quantum speeds. It also has a great deal to do with how weather patterns and life all across the oceans and land masses maintain themselves in proper order. When the minerals exhaust, there will be extreme changes in weather. But not for global warming, other then that being the motor do a deep freeze. So this is an issue maybe some other time when we have time to get into that, but the point is that our bodies from dust to dust were made from clay, go back to clay, but not just dust and not just clay but minerals in a special form that do not dissolve in water, they suspend themselves in water. It structures the water and makes all the communication happen and everything else go into high gain.

What about the sodium bicarbonate, do we need to get that into our system?

If we stop making hydrochloric acid to digest our foods, we're not making bicarb. Bicarb pulls the blocking agent that prevents the minerals from going back into the cells to make the high gain state. Baking soda is at the top of this entire change of events. On top of that, it kills Candida Albicans on contact. We now know that cancer and fungus are very closely associated. It's near impossible to not culture candida albacans out of tumors. It nearly impossible to tell the difference between a cancer cell and a fungus.

Ingesting baking soda?

This is where we can get into trouble because if people start taking baking soda in improper ways, they can do to themselves a great deal of harm. There are methods that you can do, under medical supervision, with doctors who are trained. Unfortunately, few are familiar with this research. Because of this political issue with Tulio Simoncini, not being able to teach other doctors the protocols. There'll be available literature in my books. My goal is to teach other physicians to treat cancer with baking soda.

Doctor John Apsley

Author John Apsley has been involved with clinical research specializing in cellular regeneration and accelerated wound repair for the past 30 years. In 1995, he perfected a unique and novel rapid regenerative electrical acupuncture technique. Dr. Apsley has just completed a comprehensive, two year retrospective study of the (above) emerging field of medicine spanning the global, peer-reviewed medical literature.

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Updated: July 6 2014