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Pothos plant in container

Clearing Toxins In The Work Area


Golden Pothos, Money Plant, Epipremnum aureum

3 plants per person, 18 inches high

Absorbs toxic vapors.

Works to remove toxic volatile organic chemicals, (VOC's) such as paint fumes, solvents and gas fuels. Many toxins are kept secret from flame retardants in furniture to household cleaners - nearly according to the Environmental Protection Agency as 700 new secret chemicals are added every year.

Growing Golden Pothos

By Edward F. Gilman, professor, Dennis G. Watson, associate professor, Environmental Horticulture Department, Cooperative Extension Service, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida, Gainesville.

The green and yellow heart-shaped leaves of Golden Pothos are easily recognized from its use as hanging baskets indoors, but this plant makes a suitable ground cover or climbing vine in frost-free climates (Fig. 1). Growing quickly up the trunks of pine, palm, oak, or other coarse-barked trees, the normally small leaves change to a mature form averaging 18 inches in length, lending a tropical effect to the landscape. The leaves sometime become so large that they may cause the vine to lose its tendril hold on the trunk, especially after heavy rain storms. When not allowed to climb, Golden Pothos rapidly covers the ground with a dense cover of its variegated foliage.

Golden Pothos displays best leaf color when grown in bright diffuse light, such as in the shifting shade of a pine tree, but the plants seem to grow quickest in deeper shade. Moist, rich soil is recommended, although any well-drained soil is sufficient as long as plants are regularly watered during dry periods. The vining habit makes it unsuitable for planting in and around a shrub border since stems will grow up into the shrub. Frequent trimming (several times each year) is required along the edges of this ground cover to control growth.

Popular cultivars include: ‘Marble Queen’, white to creamy leaves, blotched with green and grey-green; ‘Tricolor’, green leaves marbled with deep yellow, cream, and pale green; and ‘Wilcoxii’, with sharply-defined variegations of green and white.

Golden Pothos is easily propagated by tip cuttings, rooting and growing quickly, even in water. Stem cuttings can also be rooted in moist peat and vermiculite or soil. Problems include scale, mites, and mealy-bugs.

General Information

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Pests and Diseases

No diseases are of major concern.


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Can potentially produce hazardous levels of ozone inside the home.

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Updated: Dec 21 2013