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Has Water Always Been Acidic?

By MD.

No. Water thousands of years ago was much different. Acid rain, increasing atmospheric CO2 and pollution has forever changed the quality and pH of our water. It should also be energized which means it is full of electrons the body can use in energy production. Natural spring water is negatively charged because of the electrons while acidic water is positively charged and therefore steals electrons from the body.

Water can also either be ‘hard’ or ‘soft’. Hard water has a high mineral content, soft water a low mineral content. Hard water lathers poorly with soap and can form mineral deposits on cooking utensils (from the calcium and mineral content). On the other hand, very soft water can corrode the metal water pipes it is carried in and therefore may contain elevated levels of cadmium, copper and lead. Soft water is harder to negatively charge in a water ionizer because of the lack of mineral content.

The electron activity of water is measured by the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). Free radicals are oxygen atoms with an unpaired electron and are an unfortunate byproduct (like pollution) of cellular metabolism. They do actually have a role in the body however because they can be used to attack and destroy invading organisms. Problems arise when too many free-radicals are formed because they are unstable, they steal and electron from normal molecules- a damaging process known as oxidation. Disease can be prevented if we minimize this process. One way of doing this is to provide free electrons to the free-radicals and preventing their need to react with normal tissue.

Drinking electron rich water is the easiest way of neutralizing the free-radicals. ORP is a measure of waters ability to donate electrons to neutralize free-radicals. The lower the ORP, the more electrons there are to donate. The healthiest water has on ORP of between -150mV and -300mV which provides electrons to neutralize acids in the body. Most tap water measures around +500mV and therefore tends to acquire electrons (rather than donate them) and therefore oxidize tissue.

The other benefit of electron rich water is that it reduces the formation of putrefactive substances in the gut. When food in the gut (particularly animal proteins and sugars) undergoes putrefaction, toxic substances which give stool its unpleasant odor are formed including hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, histamines, indoles, phenols and scatoles. If these substances leak back into the blood stream, they cause disease. Hydrogen sulfide and ammonia can damage the liver, histamines contribute to allergic disorders such as eczema and asthma, indoles and phenols are carcinogenic. Drinking electron rich water results in a cleaner stool with no offensive smell.

So if we are trying to stay alkaline and one way to do that is to drink natural spring water, what are the drinks to avoid?

Other alkaline liquids that can be consumed include vegetable juices (no more than 1/4 carrot juice because of its high sugar content), coconut milk, and fresh coconut water. Coconut water is also very high in potassium and other minerals.

Author Greg Emerson is a licensed naturopathic medical doctor.

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Updated: Dec 21 2013