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Favorite High Protein Recipies

By A collection of high protein recipies.

Amino acids found in high quality protein sources are used as a functional medicine, balancing brain chemisty, repairing cellular damage, and turning body fat into energy. Here's the start of a collection of high protein recipes that are tasty and easy to prepare. Check with your doctor to find your optimal level of protein intake, as well as, any hidden, or existing, kidney health issues.

Dr. Linda Page, recommends high protein with the addition of herbal remedies before and after exercise. See also: Understanding Detoxification.


are assistants of board reviewed doctors that are medical editors, authors, and reviewers, providing oversight for Heartspring.net. This article is currently undergoing doctor reveiw.

Dr. Wells looks at the question how much protein is to much, while considering the controversial side-effect of kidney ketosis from ingesting excessive protein.

Protein nutrition during cancer teatments:

Protein diet recommendations:

Dangers of a high protein diet?: dav.org.au

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Updated: Dec 21 2013