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Cold, Flu, Sinus Infection ?

Rhinovirus surface pattern


Slow onset
No prostration
Fever, Headache is rare
Runny nose, Sneezing
Mild fatigue
Cough, chest discomfort
Sore throat


Rhinovirus surface pattern

Swift, severe onset
Prominent prostration
Flushed, hot moist skin
102-104 degree temp
Chills, body aches.
Extreme fatigue, can last 2-3 weeks
Cough, sore throat

Sinus Infection

Rhinovirus surface pattern

Facial pains
Tenderness in sinus areas
Nasal drainage, thick and colored
Cough (may be itchy)
Postnasal drip
Bad breath
Upper jaw pain
Sore throat
Eyes sensitive to light
General fatigue
Swollen eye lids

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Updated: Oct 8 2018