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Microbial origin of chronic inflammatory conditions?


Microbes may be linked to the disease symptom picture, however, having them be the "cause" or origin of the disease symptoms, I would disagree. The human body is a natural source of microorganisms working in harmony. When there is an imbalance, there is a reason for this. Usually the reason has to do with the environment of the body. The environment of the body is disrupted by toxins and chemicals we ingest, breath, and come in contact with every day. It is also disrupted by an unhealthy diet, lack of pure water in sufficient quantities, and lack of sufficient exercise leading to an unhealthy bio-chemistry of the body which allows pathogenic microbes to grow. Even our emotional well being and spiritual connection can affect the environment of our body. The wisdom of our body is showing us that there is an imbalace by giving us signs and symptoms that will lead us to the problem, the cause. If we simply take a drug that suppresses the symptoms, or kills the microbes in question, then we are further disrupting the body and pushing away the clues to the real cause of the symptoms or imbalance. Working with a physician who can help a person optimize their bodies bio-chemistry, and help stimulate their natural abilities will take care of the imbalance in the microorganisms, and hence eliminate the symptoms of chronic disease.

Wendy Wells

Author Wendy Wells NMD, accredited naturopath physician in Arizona. Call and schedule a 15 minute phone consultation, at no cost.


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Updated: Jan 8 2015