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Plastic Safety Considerations

NMD, and NMD.

Researchers have been working to understand exposure to plastic by-products via ingestion, inhalation and skin contact. A large number of plastic consumer products are known to contain hazardous endocrine disrupters:

Plastic Metabolites, Current Research

Plastic phthalates can lead to altered T hormone levels, sperm DNA damage, and sperm cell death. [1]

Phthalates present in bleached white plastic containers are adsorbed by milk proteins. [2]

Phthalate were positively associated with depression risks in a representative sample of the U.S. elderly population. [3]

Phthalate Sources

Soft PVC Plasticizers:

Non-Plastic Products:

Phthalates can be released from products and exposure may occur in humans through food, dust, air and direct use of personal care products. (Janjua et al., 2008; Wittassek and Angerer, 2008; Wormuth et al., 2006)


Antimicrobial Preservatives:

"The maximum level of parabens in cosmetics restricted by the European Cosmetic Directive to 0.4% (single ester) and 0.8% (mixture of esters) (EC, 2009)."


Antimicrobial Agent in Consumer Products:

"Triclosan is approved by the European Cosmetic Directive for use in cosmetic products in concentrations up to 0.3% (EC, 2009), but is no longer permitted for use in food contact materials (EC, 2010)."


Phthalates are used as solvents and fixatives in perfumes. Phthalates esters were found in fragrances beyond accepted threshold limits. [6]


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Updated: Jan 07 2016